Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Charles Warren Eaton

The purpose of this blog is to explore Tonalism. I see it mainly as a sign post that interested people like yourself can use to find out more about my work and that of other Tonalist artists

I've much to say about Tonalism and many of the artists that practise this mode of painting. The thing is, much of the biographical info about any artist can be found easily on Google with a few words and a click.

So, this how I've decided to play it. I'm going to post paintings by the artist in question and give you some subjective info (my opinion) and links to follow up on. There's no need for me to rewrite their history when that info is just a few clicks away.

Charles Warren Eaton  (1857–1937) was an a Tonalist Painter known for his landscapes. The guy is an amazing artist who is just now becoming better known. His work practically defines all the best aspects of Tonalist landscape painting. I'm greatly inspired by the way he simplifies the landscape and really lets one's emotions play about his paintings.

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